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- Matthew has played in a short film called "Stress Control" brought to you from the Director Rhys Moore. "Stress Control" also stars Boyd Clack  and Kirstin Jones from "Satellite City" and "High Hopes".
- Playing the third side of a love triangle as Matthew plays a pub manager called "Mike" in the upcoming crime drama webisode series "Trosedd"

- Work continues on the new webisode series "Long Shots" which Matthew is Producing and playing in.
- This February Matthew attended the Gallifrey One Convention in LA. The world's biggest Dr WHO convention where he was interviewed live, met lots of fans and signed autographs. Matthew would like to thank the organisers of Gallifrey One for a fantastic event and a superb weekend.

- Early this month Matthew played Gwil in the short film schizo for the company Fixers.    

- It's that time of year again!! Matthew has just had a photo shoot session with Tallboy Images to update his headshots for the new year.


November / December

Frozen Dreams Panto
Matthew will be playing "Kristoff" in the Frozen Dreams panto version of Disney's Children's classic, Frozen.

Shooting Long Shots
Shooting has begun on the new comedy webisode series Long Shots, Matthew is playing the character MAX. MAX is part of group of people trying to live amidst the turbulence created by the exuberant characters that live in the world of the developing south wales film industry. The series will be released later this year.

September / October

Adapting Oberon's Fairies for the modern day
Matthew has been playing one of Oberon's loyal Fairies in the programme "The Dream". Which is an adaptation by Russel T. Davies of Shakespeare's classic 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for television.

Modelling for Panasonic
Shooting some stills to advertise the new tablets from Panasonic.

/ July / August

Rehearsals for Long Shots the New Webisode series
This month rehearsals for the Long Shots have begun.

Sandman in Dr WHO Episode "Sleep No More"
Matthew plays a new monster in this Dr WHO episode where the human race no longer sleeps...

Auditions begin for Long Shots the New Webisode series
The new series about the perils of life in the South Wales Film Industry is being produced by Matthew. This month auditions have begun.

Playing the Voice of "Rafa" the Pigeon in Pigeon Violin
Rafa the pigeon (Matthew Doman) helps to free his fellow pigeons and also his keeper.

Judging The New Level Pageants 2015 Beauty Pagent
Matthew has been asked to judge this year's beauty pageant which also includes the "Mrs Interceltic" pageant a new title created by New Level Pageants this year.

"DaiVerso" Screens at the Cardiff Mini Film Festival
A short film in which Matthew played  the lead - "Dandy" has been accepted into the Cardiff Mini Film Festival this month. The film "DaiVerso" is being entered into other festivals both in the UK and globally


"DaiVerso" Accepted into the L.A. Cine Fest Film Festival
A short film in which Matthew played  the lead - "Dandy" has been accepted into the L.A. Cinefest Film Festival this month. The film "DaiVerso" is being entered into other festivals both in the UK and globally

Matthew Appears at Heroes and Legends Freaks and Geeks Convention 2015
Matthew has been officially named as a guest at the Heroes and Legends Freaks and Geeks Convention in Margam Park on the 1st / 2nd August 2015. If you want some autographs come down and get them while they're hot!


Matthew Signs with VJ Management in London
This month I crossed the border to see some new agents in London town and I am extreemely pleased to have signed with the rather excellent VJ Management. May our communion bring about some astronomically good progress.

Dr WHO working
I have started working on a new episode of Dr WHO.

Music Video for the Welsh Band Estrons
Tied up in a forest, blindfolded and forced onto my kness by an ex-girlfriend who has a few complaints about the way that she has been treated.. Sound familiar? Well this is the essence of the Estrons song that I was shooting a music video for this month.  lead in the new music video for, produced by the brilliant Visual Influence.


Appearance at Cardiff Comic Convention

Today Matthew appeared in Cardiff Comic Convention to sign some autographs. He had a fantastic day and enjoyed talking with some fans. He was also interviewed on stage with Dan Starkey who plays 'Strax' in Dr WHO.

Onwards Dr WHO
 Matthew has also been doing a little bit of work on Dr WHO this month, it was a good month to return to work...

A Return to the Semi-real world of Work
Matthew had motorbike accident back last August 2014 which resulted in some pretty sever leg injuries. In March this year though he returned to acting and starting to produce the new sitcom 'Long Shots'. He is hugely greatful for everybody's support during the last couple of months.


Dr WHO World Conquest Screenings
In August 2014 I was  interviewed before the launch of the 'Doctor WHO World Tour' which became part of the BBC Worldwide production "Dr WHO Earth Conquest".  Aired on BBC 3 on the 13th January 2015 and as an in flight movie on British Airways flights.


19th October
- Kerb Crawlers Screening

The horror film 'Kerb Crawlers' where I play the character 'Gareth' was screened at the Scardiff Horror Convention in Cardiff UK on Sunday 19th October 2014.

13th October - Work continues on 'Long Shots' Pilot Episode

I have continued work on producing the final part of 'Long Shots' Episode 0 after having some time off with broken legs. The Director Matt James is currently putting the last pieces of footage together for imminent completion.

22nd August
- Dr WHO World Conquest Published
The Production 'Dr WHO Earth Conquest' is released on itunes.
14th August - 'DaiVerso' released on YouTube
When a politician's deepest secret is exposed in the national news papers the middle east peace proccess is in danger of collapsing. How will sir David deal with this tragedy and what will become of the peace process? I play DaiVerso in this beautiful tale about dealing with adversity through accepting the self.

12th August - Learning driving skills app
Tantrwm have produced an App to help people with learning to drive and I played an insurance salesman in the app's
video section.

9th August
-  Appearance at 'Heroes and Legends' Convention
I was asked to appear at the convention in Margam Park, Swansea, other natable guests included Chris Barrie and Boyd Clak.

7th August
- Dr WHO World Tour Launch
A full day for me as the Dr WHO World Tour launched in Cardiff this month and I was privaleged to be invololved as a Cyberman in both Cardiff and London. I was also interviewed by BBC America which featured in their Production 'Dr WHO Earth Conquest'.

4th August
- Playing 'Mark' in the pilot of 'Driving Instructor'
A new television pilot is being shot in Cardiff. I'm playing the character 'Mark' a man who never makes the right decision with women.

2nd August - 'A Dance with Death' pilot scene
Playing 'Karl' in this nice little project and I hope it gets taken further as it's a good, dark story line.

14th July -Dr WHO series 8 Finale filming
During June I was filming the finale of Dr WHO series 8 in both Cardiff and London.

June - Playing 'Thomas' In the Short Film 'Jennifer's Picket'
A short film for about the miner's strikes in the South Wales and it's effect on one of the wives Jenniffer. Directed by Brennig Evans.

22nd June - Convention Appearance in London
DALEK Convention!! I had lots of fun siging up in London and I enjoyed being interviewed and talking with the audience.

7th June- The short film 'Gone' released
The short film 'Gone' that I shot for the South Wales Screen Network is released on IMDB

4th May - Playing 'Pirate News Presenter' In the 'FibbonARTchi News'
This was a really fun job, playng a news presenter on the FibbonARTcci News who was a pirate, shot on a green screen, working with the 
beautiful Victoria George-Veale and advertising Peter Symonds' FibbonARTcci art project.

06/05/2014 'Who are you to Stop me?' Released
'Who are you to stop me?' is released on YouTube.

February to May 14 - Shooting 'Wizards Vs Aliens season 3 with the BBC
Anyone fancy being an alien for two months?? Oh go on then I'll do it!! I enjoy playing in this series every year. Visit the website for more details.

March 14 - 'Tom' in Vino Student film
A story all about Tom (Matthew Doman), in this 10 minute long film about a womanising window cleaner.

Played 'Reverand Matt' in the South Wales Film Network March film
Set in a solicitor's office, the will of a very wealthy man is waiting to be opened as his offspring and 4 ex wives start getting at each other's throats.

New Headshots done with 'Tallboy Images'
Some new headshots from my friend and colleage Craig Thomas from Tallboy Images.

Charity Convention in Corsham
I was asked to go over to Bath and appear at this convention to help raise money for local charities. It was a very sucessful event

Voiceover for 'Who are you to Stop me?'
I did a small voiceover for the company Fixers over their video entitled 'Who are you to stop me?'.

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Matthew Doman

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