Matthew Doman
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Personal Details:

6ft 2inches
Inside Leg
Shoe Size
Voice Quality

Work Completed



Lead - Estrons


'Carl' - University of South Wales



Dr WHO (2014)

"Cyberman Operator" and Interview - Dr WHO World Conquest - Dr WHO

"Cyberman" - Television - Dr WHO Episodes 11/12 - Rachel Talalay

"Dr's Father" - Television - Dr WHO Episode 4 - Douglas Mackinnon

"Chamber Droid" - Television - Dr WHO Epsiode 1 -  Ben Wheatley

Pilot Episode

"Mark" - Television Pilot - Driving Instructor - Nic Thomas



'Karl' - Feature Film, Pilot scene - A Dance With Death - James Prygodzics


'Thomas' - Short Film - Jeniffer's Picket - Brennig Hayden

'Pirate Presenter' - FibbonARTcci News - Pete Symmonds

'Matt' - Short Film - Gone - Anwar Fayrouz


'Tom' - Vino - Meghan Carter

'Patrick Bateman' - American Phsycho Replica Scene - Helena Dennis

'Dent' - An Interview - Max Webborn

Web Based

'Max' - Web Series - Long Shots - Matt James


'Insurance Salesman' - App - Pass First Time

Voice Over

Voiceover - Who Are You to Stop Me? - Fixers

Acting Experience (Pre 2014)

Feature Film / Short Film

"Thomas" - Short Film - Jeniffer's Picket - Brennig Hayden - 2014

"Karl" in the Film - Pilot scene, A Dance With Death, James Prygodzics, 2014

"Tom" in the student film Vino Rhodri Teifi, 2014

"James" in the Short Film Family Business, Full Circle Media, Claudio Laurini, 2014

"Gareth" in the Feature Film Kerb Crawlers, Mad Science Productions, James Plumb, 2013

"Tommy" in the Feature Film Valley of the Demon, BilloJones Productions, Rhodri Jones, 2013

"Daddy" in the Television Short Film Bilingual Bank Job, BBC, Geraint Havard, 2013

DaiVerso“ / “Sir David” in the short film “Daiverso“. March 2011 – January 2012 – Director Claudio Laurini

"PC Hughes" - Reflections - Creative Academy 2010 - Director, Sally Martin

"PC Hughes" - Film "Tough Reality", Off The Shelf Films, Director Sally owen

"Bailey" in the short film "High Hopes", Director Claudio Laurini 

"Bailey" in the short film "Tricks of the Trade", Director Claudio Laurini


"Mark" - Television Pilot - Driving Instructor - Nic Thomas - 2014

"Daddy" - Bilingual Bank Job - BBC - Geraint Havard, 2013

"Guard Xeta"Aliens Vs Wizards 2013

"Nekros Guard" - Wizards Vs Aliens Ep.  - Directors Joss Agnew,  2012

"John Parsons" - Finding The Forgotten - Directors Matthew Charlton and Alex Metcalf

Simon” - Casualty October - November 2011 – Episode 26, Director Simon Meyers

One night stand” - Casualty May 2011 - Episode 47, Director Paul Murphy

Anderson” - Dr WHO April 2011 - Episode 13, Series 6, Director Jeremy Webb

"Headless monk" (lead) – Dr WHO March 2011 – Episode 7, Series 6, Director

"Cal" - BBC Casualty - Director, Paul Murphy, Casualty HD Camera Test

"Man in Black no.1" - the Adventures of Sarah Jane Series 4 — Director, Joss Agnew

"The Shark" - ITV series "How to Become a Poker Millionairre", Director Caradog James


"The Whisper Men" - Dr Who Ep. 13 - Director Saul Metzstein - 2012

Proms 2013 and 2008

"The Vigil"  - Dr Who Ep. 7 - Director Farren Blackburn - 2012

"Eternal Dalek" - Victory of the Daleks - Director Andrew Gunn - 2009

Many other Dr WHO Monsters between 2005 to present.

Live Performances

"Cyberman" - World Tour Launch - Dr WHO - 2014

"Dalek" - Royal Visit to BBC Roath Lock Studios - BBC - Eilsa Burke - 2013

"Dalek, Vigil Ood, Cyberman" - Dr WHO Proms 2013 - BBC - Rhodri Huw - 2013

Captain Morgan” - Captain Morgan's Rum Promotion June 2010 – December 2012- Director Simon Evison

"Scarecrow/Ood/Cyberman" - BBC Roath Lock Studios Opening - 2012

"CyberMan" - London Olympian Dr WHO Experience - 2012

"Air Raid Warden" - BBC Dr WHO Proms 2010 — Director Rhodri Huw - 2010

"Cyberman" and "Ood" - Live Dr WHO tours -  2010

"Cyberman" - Monster Escape at the Dr WHO Experience 2012

"Cyberman" in Dr WHO Live monster Roadshows (Two week Road Show) - 2010

Music Videos

Hero - Stick to Your Guns Bridges Music Video - Tantrwm Ltd - Colin James MacFarlane - 2013


"Pirate Presenter" - FibbonARTcci News - Pete Symmonds - 2014

Voiceover - Who Are You to Stop Me? - Fixers - 2014

"Insurance Salesman" - App - Pass First Time - 2014

Spatz - Stereoboard - Access all Areas – How to get backstage in 5 easy steps - 2011 – Director, Daryl Corner

"Gerry" -  Queen's Arcade Corporate advert 2010
VLumo" - Road safety awareness Lumo, Bristol City Council March 2010

"Captain Cloogo" - In the advert "The Adventures of Captain cloogo", Hubbub Productions, Director Shaun Russel (see 

"Matthew" - Bi-lingual Welsh Assembly Government advert to Learn Welsh Campaign, Director Vivian Mainwaring


Presenting Experience


2011, Documentary, Presenter, The Old NatWest bank building on Bute Street, Candy Jar Films, Shaun Russell

Presenter“ in the viral for Candy Jar Films “Cash for Cabbages” March 2011 – Director Shaun Russell

"Presenter" in the Harper's Luxury Gifts "Candy Blossom Tree Demonstration"  

"Presenter" in the Danny Chang music productions "Search for Teen Band"

Live Presenting

Weston's got Talent



Acting for Film and Television, Tutor Pete Wooldridge at The Workshop, Cardiff
- 6 studied

Acting and body movement training by Eilsa Burke (On set of Dr WHO as well as off-set)

Personal Intensive Acting Tuition from Actor/Director George Owen

Training for screen Dr WHO, Torchwood

Stage combat training (swordfighting)

Languages Spoken

Welsh (Cymraeg)


Special Skills

Modelling (Runway, Photographic, Editorial, Fitness), Yoga, Shooting (Rifle AND pistol), Archery, Climbing, Motorcycle riding (Sport/road/scrambler bikes) and some track experience, 3 months Military Training, Swimming, skiing, Wake boarding, Water skiing, Windsurfing, SCUBA diving, Jet ski riding, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Football.


Best Actor Nominee Made In Wales 2013

Welsh Male Model of the Year 2008

Membership of Proffessional Organisation